A brain arrhythmia (irregular brainwave frequency) is believed by some to be at the root of many mental conditions – such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, sleep disorders, migraine, addiction, ADD/ADHD, and autism.

Research suggests that brain frequencies can actually be adjusted using magnetic stimulation with repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (“rTMS”). PrTMS is a method of developing and using a personalized treatment plan for rTMS therapy.

PrTMS improves TMS by building a customized treatment program tailored to each patient. It is used similarly to treat depression and other mental health conditions but significantly improves outcomes by personalizing therapy to meet the brain’s unique brainwave pattern. Our team at MindSet has developed three steps to optimize PrTMS results.

For the first step, we map brainwave activity using an electroencephalogram (EEG). Using our AI program, we can produce an accurate image of the brain’s electrical activity, allowing us to identify brain arrhythmias.

For the second step, patients complete a questionnaire that identifies symptoms, giving our team a comprehensive analysis of mental health and enabling us to target the precise brain areas that are associated with a patient’s particular challenges.

Finally, the EEG data and self-reported symptoms are evaluated by our innovative AI software. This advanced program produces the information needed to develop a customized PrTMS therapy protocol for each unique brain mapping.