Dr. Jason Keifer referred Mindset to me. I strongly recommend the treatment. My results were truly life changing. I’m an older person, and was curious as to what my results would be. I noticed almost immediately that my balance was improved. I had suffered with migraine headaches for years. I have not had even a hint of a headache since early in my treatment. I had concussions years ago and was not aware of long lasting effects, but after I began treatments, I realized I had lived with some for many years. No more bouts of depression or anxiousness. I actually feel younger and friends even have commented that I look younger. Dr. Murphy, Dr. D and staff – Thank you!

Joan M.

I began treatment at Mindset in early January, 2022. I was seeking help with depression, anxiety, PTSD and insomnia. The Mindset approach of personalizing the treatment appealed to me. A few weeks ago, I completed the PrTMS treatment plan that Dr. Murphy designed specifically to address my issues. The bottom line is that I cannot say enough good things about my experience at Mindset. I will list the most significant ones: 1. The entire staff is well-trained, very professional, caring, and maintains a genuine interest in the progress of treatment. 2. Dr. Murphy and Dr. Duhaylongsod devote whatever time is needed to each patient to make sure that the treatment is helping. 3. There is a weekly assessment (both patient provided and EEG analysis) to ensure that measurable results are being achieved. I really valued this aspect! 4. Dr. Murphy personally reviews each weekly EEG and written patient assessment to evaluate changes to the TMS treatment protocol that are needed to improve progress. The adjustments are made right then. 5. Dr. Murphy is a physician who is deeply committed to understanding the intricacies of how the brain works. If something isn’t working quite right (like depression, PTSD, etc.) he knows what particular area of brain functioning isn’t performing optimally. Then, he tailors each individual treatment plan to achieve successful resolution of the patient issues that being treated. I am very pleased with my personal results from treatment. I also appreciate that both doctors assured me that if I ever feel like I need help again, that I would be welcomed back. Thank You staff at Mindset!

Kimberley D.

From the very first time I walked into the medical office and the final day of my last treatment, the entire staff, medical personnel and doctors were always extremely nice, helpful and always made sure all my questions, concerns, needs were met above and beyond. After losing my Mom to complications from Covid in the middle of 2021, a horrible fall that caused a very bad concussion, this type of individualized treatment of TMS was highly recommended to help with lack of sleep, increased anxiety, headaches and depression. I was skeptical at first, but the weekly EEG’s and tweaking of the treatment really made a huge difference. I can finally sleep about 5-6 hours a night and dream. Before treatment I was sleeping maybe 2 hours interrupted a night. My headaches and migraines are so much better. not only feeling better, but the proof in the weekly EEG’s matched my feelings of improvement. I highly recommend them. I’ll miss them dearly.

Linda M.

The staff is great and very kind and attentive to your needs no matter if it is the first time or your 20th time coming in. Everyone takes their time explaining every step in the process and answering any questions you might have in great detail. Both doctors especially, take the time to review EEG’s and discuss progress and expectations from treatment on a weekly basis. Personally, the treatments benefited my condition after a snowboarding accident where I experienced a grade 3 concussion and brain bleeding. It’s not a guessing game in regards to improvement, as the weekly EEG’s clearly show whether you are responding to the treatment or not. Definitely recommend.

Logan G.

I was in the dask and dismal place for a long time. I didn’t know what was wrong with me. Since MindSet, my quality of life has soared to a point I never thought possible.

Peter M.

I never thought in my life time and having MS that I would find a Dr who could help me with my depression, fatigue and sleeping without Rx drugs. I had so much more energy. Making me feel like I had a normal day. Dr Murphy’s staff were very professional and so friendly, I will miss seeing them daily.

Tracy B.