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TMS has been used in patients with a wide variety of conditions, including those that may not have responded to medication in the past.


What is transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS)?

TMS is a safe procedure that uses an insulated coil placed over your scalp to deliver electromagnetic pulses. TMS electromagnetic pulses are the same as those used in magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI, machines. The pulses stimulate nerve cells to improve symptoms of depression in patients who haven’t seen positive results with medication.

What is TMS used for?

Patients may turn to TMS because it’s a noninvasive brain stimulation treatment option for people suffering from depression. TMS therapy uses electromagnetic induction to activate the areas of the brain that are responsible for your mood. Activating these areas can improve mood and reduce symptoms of depression.

Am I a good candidate for TMS?

If you haven’t responded well to depression medications or other treatment options, TMS may help treat your depression symptoms. TMS is a more uncommon treatment for depression, but it can work well for patients who haven’t felt better with other treatments. 

You may also benefit from TMS therapy in conjunction with psychotherapy and medication. Finding the best strategy to treat your depression may require some trial and error while you find out what works for you. 

Talk with the doctors at MindSet for more information about your treatment options.

How does TMS work?

TMS treatment uses a special recording device and in just five minutes, it can record brain activity in 19 functional regions of your brain that control emotions, activities, specific skills, and more. 

At MindSet, neurocognitive tests and diagnostic surveys allow your provider to create a neuromodulated treatment plan designed to restore brain wave synchronicity tailored to your unique brain mapping. 

TMS is painless, and you won’t feel any discomfort during treatment. Your provider sends electromagnetic pulses through your skull and into your brain, stimulating various nerve cells.

What should I expect during TMS sessions?

If the doctors at MindSet determine that TMS therapy may help your depression symptoms, you can expect to have repetitive TMS sessions over a period of time. Many patients have sessions five times a week for a minimum of 36 treatments, depending on their needs and the MindSet team’s medical judgment.

Your first treatment session takes about 60 minutes, and each session after that is about 40 minutes. During each session, your provider places an electromagnetic coil on your scalp. You sit in a comfortable chair and remain awake for the duration of each treatment session.

TMS is a powerful treatment option for patients suffering from depression. To learn more about the benefits and find out if TMS therapy could be a good addition to your treatment plan, contact the MindSet office by phone or online today.



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